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About Inlfuence App©
The New INFLUENCE APP© is a private access mobile app designed for companies to share news and special events with their employees and other internal audiences. With the communication overdose individuals receive today the New INFLUENCE APP© helps Human Resources and Communications Leaders to break the clutter and standout allowing the company to benefit from an engaged audience while talking to them in a modern and actual way.

A wholesome well thought communication strategy aligned with the right media will give you and your colleagues

  • the business culture you aspire
  • outstanding focus on company's results and performance
  • significant savings on resources - time and money

Through your own exclusive mobile app media outlet you will get

  • ROI Guaranteed
  • Smarter Modern Communications
  • Optimization in Reach and Engagement Ratios


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Why Influence

Learn how INFLUENCE APP© can help your business.

Todays business environment is complex. Globalization, speed of change, constant re-invention to meet goals and having multiple generations in the workplace are only a few of the challenges you meet every day. How can INFLUENCE APP© help you?

Every INFLUENCE APP© Company User will receive:
• Full access to the INFLUENCE APP© backend and training on how to update your corporate app internally,
• A comprehensive Generations in the Workplace profile of your company and a quick guide on how to communicate with each group
• A monthly set of user analytics to identify how your colleagues use the information you share

The influence APP is the perfect ally for the Human Resources leaders integrate new and modern internal media and communication strategies that drive the actions and engagement that your want. INFLUENCE APP© features will facilitate your goals. Among these features we include:

Activities and Trainnings

Calendar Reservation

Trainning and organizational development modules

News feed

Frequent reminders

Video sections


Chat Rooms

Your company's social media feed

geo-locator functions

Continued education credit monitoring

Statistics and analytics

Easy to update backend platform

Communication Strategies
Take engagement to the next level

Have the App? Take engagement to the next level with our INFLUENCE© Strategies. Communicating is more than sharing information is telling a compelling story that will influence your leaders and colleagues to take the actions that will drive your business forward, the actions that take you all together to your defined success for the year.

Communicating never ends, let us match your new media outlet with an internal communications strategic campaign that will integrate all your messages across all your media at all levels. From conception to implementation our team works to partner with you in making your company one of the best places to work.

You company's vision and personality are meant to be lived every day. Together, your Strategic Minds Strategist and you will make it happen with our INFLUENCE© Strategies, Communications Campaign and other services.


How do I get it?

Get your own corporate app in just a few easy steps.
  1. Call us and get a free orientation and a proposal.
  2. Buy the app.
  3. Submit requested content for programming through preset templates that will serve as a guide for the company to implement and send the content as easily and fast as possible.
  4. Create anticipation within your team
  5. Expect the app launch within the next 30-45 days*. Easy.

*The 30-45-day period starts after all the necessary company content is submitted.


Where your associates not only watch, but truly get engaged.


How many of them you receive a day? Do you know if people really read them? How about let me look for that internal communication they sent me? With Influence APP you can post news and send reminders with a single action your message will appear on every employees mobile immediately.


Are you currently using way too many communication outlets? Is your message getting lost? INFLUENCE APP© allows you to link every important communication so every message gets to its intended recipient.


How did you communicated with your team during the last storm? How many different chats did you manage in your personal What’s App? Is the information secure? The INFLUENCE APP© can be accessed any time so you and your employees can connect 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Communication with your employees has never been easier. With INFLUENCE APP© private chat rooms you will be able to communicate in the fastest, easiest way and through a platform that your team likes.


Do you ever do business on a plane? Do you have a team of remote staff and collaborators? Is your sales team everywhere? No matter where you go, with INFLUENCE APP© you will be connected to your staff and the topics that matter to your company in just seconds.


INFLUENCE APP© is the future of HR communication. The interactions with your team will transcend to social media and other interactive platforms.


Are you spending tons of dollars in office supplies like paper and ink just to send a simple memo? INFLUENCE APP© will allow you to maximize your resources by saving you the need for supplies and even work force.


All your communications will remain secured and confidential with the INFLUENCE APP©.
Proven Results
Learn how INFLUENCE APP© has worked for others.
100% of Strategic Minds clients that implemented INFLUENCE -c- and other Strategic Minds Human Resources Strategies where selected by their employees one of the Best Employers in their region on the year of implementation.

95% of Strategic Minds clients enjoyed a significant increase in their key performance indicators in the first year of strategic implementation with our team.

About Strategic minds

Get your own corporate app in just a few easy steps.

INFLUENCE APP© is a media of Strategic Minds. Strategic Minds is a Strategic and Business Consulting Firm helping companies, international and local, in the design and implementation, of their strategies in the areas of Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources and Operations.

From conception to implementation, Strategic Minds have an array of services and proprietary solutions that allow companies to permanently improve in areas such as; product development, turnkey new business ventures, process innovation, key performance indicators management and efficiency, experience marketing, integrated communications and advertising, human resources strategies and outsourcing, marketing strategies, marketing department structure and marketing functions outsourcing, digital communications, content creation and corporate events.

*The 30-45-day period starts after all the necessary company content is submitted.

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